GASP! The Business of Digital Storytelling, takes place in Limerick city on the 30th and 31st of March 2023. This creative industry conference gets under the hood of the business of telling stories creatively in a digital world. Located in-person in Limerick city, the conference celebrates an international growth industry that embraces creativity and digital technology.

The curated in-person event includes speakers, panel talks, and presentations on Thursday 30th March. With a Student Salon du Chat conversation installation and BYOL music event on Friday 31st March.

The conference is suitable for creative professionals across the industries of design, media production, communications, web development, marketing and digitisation. The Student Salon du Chat is designed for students studying creative programmes and courses.

During the conference guests and speakers will investigate the convergence of creativity and technology, they will explore digital platforms and look at the evolution and future of content creation, they will examine open source opportunities, and will assess accessibility and inclusivity in an online world.

Instigated by Piquant, a full-service creative agency based in Limerick city.