Rapid Fire Round - Where storytelling and technology meet

John Lynch (Context Studio), Tom Foley (Monotype), Dave Morrissey (TikTok)

Introduction: Kevin King (Piquant)

Thursday 03:30pm - 05:00pm

John Lynch, Founder and Director of Context Studio, Tom Foley, Executive Creative Director at Monotype and Dave Morrissey, Vertical Manager - eComm & Retail at TikTok

The rapid fire round was an engaging and thought-provoking session that delved into the intersection of storytelling and technology within the creative industry. Participants had the opportunity to hear from experts in the field as they shared their experiences and insights on how these two areas were shaping the future of the industry.

With a focus on innovation and creativity, the discussion covered topics such as the role of technology in enhancing storytelling, the challenges and opportunities for creators, and the impact of digital transformation on the industry as a whole.

Introduced by Kevin King, Director at Piquant, we were joined by John Lynch (Founder and Director of Context Studio), Tom Foley (Executive Creative Director at Monotype) and Dave Morrissey (Vertical Manager - eComm & Retail at TikTok). Each of our speakers delivered a 20 minute presentation on their area of expertise and there were opportunities for questions from the audience.