Meet our Partners and Collaborators for GASP!

March 13, 2023

GASP! Partners and Collaborators

We are thrilled to announce the list of partners and collaborators who are working with the team at Piquant to deliver the GASP! events; Institute of Designers in Ireland, Design Skillnet, Limerick City & County Council, Technological University of Shannon and Creative Futures Academy. Read on to learn more about our partners and collaborator.

Institute of Designers in Ireland

We welcome designers and creative professionals at GASP! and are thrilled to have the Institute of Designers in Ireland (IDI) as a partner in delivering the conference. 

IDI is a membership association of Irish designers who promote and advocate for Irish design. IDI is committed to advancing the value and impact of design. Recognised nationally and internationally, IDI promotes and advocates for Irish design. 

Design Skillnet 

GASP! is a creative industry conference aimed at professionals and businesses, we are delighted to have Design Skillnet as a partner for this event.   

Design Skillnet is a business network for companies of all sizes in the design sector. The network shares best practice and responds effectively to the specific skills needs of the sector. 

Design Skillnet supports the growth of Ireland’s design sector by developing the skills of design professionals and design practices nationwide. 

Limerick City & County Council

We want to showcase Limerick as a destination for creatives and professionals and we are thrilled to partner with Limerick City & County Council (LCCC) in delivering this objective.  

LCCC is the local government in Limerick City and County. The council supports Limerick with business development opportunities and promotes Limerick and the midwest as a key business destination.

Technological University of Shannon 

GASP! embraces creativity and technology within the creative industries and we are delighted to have Technological University of Shannon (TUS) as a partner for this event. 

TUS is one of Ireland’s newest and most unique Technological Universities. TUS focuses on meeting the evolving needs of society and industry through applied learning and innovative thinking. The Technological University is playing a key role in driving the region forward through education, research and collaboration. 

Creative Futures Academy 

During Student Salon du Chat, we want to give students the opportunity to chat with creative professionals, network and develop their professional career and we welcome the Creative Futures Academy (CFA) as a partner for this event. 

CFA is a partnership between three leading creative institutions; The National College of Art and Design, University College Dublin and Institute of Art, Design + Technology. CFA identifies the future skills and knowledge needed for the Irish creative and cultural sectors. The network provides programmes to prepare graduates from a range of disciplines with sustainable and adaptable skills. 


Students taking part in Salon du Chat will be giving the opportunity to speak to experts about a range of topics, some of which will focus on technology and digital transformation in the creative industry. We are delighted to have FactoryXChange as a partner for Student Salon du Chat. 

FactoryXChange is a consortium led by the EI/IDA Technology Centre, Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) in Mullingar with TUS as a partner. They aim to accelerate factories to become ‘Factories of the Future’ integrating ecological, digital, and societal solutions into their core business models. FactoryXChange works to connect with industry, such as the creative industry, and discuss the transformative power of digitisation in growing a business.